Attractive child friendly class rooms specifically designed for activities Separate play way rooms for nursery kids. Reading room attached libraries. Computer labs with educational software for computer aided learning from Nursery onwards.


A full fledged library of well stocked books, periodicals, magazines and newspapers.


Latest education & technological professional counseling, workshops, seminars, in co-ordination with educationists and other organization

Record of every individual students is maintained (Student Identity) to keep the record of the children starting from the admission up to the withdrawal of the student.


Variety is the spice of life' and SVMS has it all. The games are played seasonally and all possible games are accommodated to keep the students busy with something of their interest.
Talking of fitness facilities of the school, there is not a single thing missing nor is there anything unwanted or untouched.
Every little lad in SVMS is brought up in a unique way complimenting his best abilities. Soccer however, is an essential part of turning every little boy into a man. Here in SVMS soccer isn't just a sport.
It's Passion. Soccer is in our blood. Students get to showcase their talent in the playfield, that too to the fullest possible way.
Some of the boys from our school have also been participating at national level. Sportsmanship seems synonymous with "Ccaites".


Transport facility is provided on specified routes as under
Bakkarwala : Chanchal park, Styam Vihar, Kotla Vihar, Tilangpur Kotla, Ranhaula Vihar, Ranhaula Village, Rishal Garden.
Shiv Ram Park : Nilothi X-ing, Kanwar Singh Nagar, Laxmi Park, Chander Vihar, Ranjeet Vihar, Nilothi Vihar, Shri Ram Colony, Nilothi Extension, Shiv Ram Park Extension.
Kamardin Nagar : Adhyapak Nagar, Amar Colony, Rajendra Park, J.J. Colony-II, Nangloi Extension.


For the better developmet of student, School has made Clubs which is students can jain according his/her interest. Eco Club
Yoga Club
Home Science Club
Nitting Club
Dance & Music Club
Life Scills
Maths Club


Each visit is planned as an Educational project. Visits are arranged to places of cultural, Scientific, Historical, Spritual and geographical importance.
The tours enable the students better understanding of our country in all its various dimensions and help to build up a strong foundation of patriotism, love for mankind and neture and to be good citizens.